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Beside through this Middle Land it crosses a large part of our world. And it's actually in Milan that Nonsololoft spends professionalism, focus on target and skills on the mission...

Tommy Francavilla

Ceo - Events Manager

Don't you think too much, answers
always come while we are walking through
this marvelous journey also called life

Matteo Riva

Events Manager

The Greatest pleasure in life is doing
what people say you cannot do

Enzo Perego


I really believe there are
things nobody would see if I didn’t
photograph them. Diane Arbus

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Nonsololoft S.r.l. is an agency based on the locations research in Milan and focused in those for shooting, fashion shows, showroom, adv's location, movies, adv events, corporate events, private events, ceremonies. Any location is basic in order to get the right imagine and the best performance on every event. What makes Nonsololoft different, competitve and brilliant is the unique skill, based on the huge know-how, discovering and selecting the newest locations and the exclusive ones. We are used to define the offer for our Clients providing a special context, mostly not devoted to host events, and exceptionally booked for a single and prestigious event.

• location research based on a specific request
Customer needs are met by targeted and individual surveys: the desired location is retrieved across the Country with seriousness and professionalism based on the details provided by the Client, such as room type, offered services, size, location, style, the distinctive characteristics and any other relevant aspect mainly focused on the event to be realized.
The attention gave to the research and the offer development is supervised by qualified Staff, which constantly increases the location's catalog, getting the coolest ones;
• catalog research
Our extensive "location's catalog by Nonsololoft" helps the Client providing the optimal solution. You may find all kinds of: lofts, apartments, terrace penthouses, villas, cottages, offices, swimming pools, shops, hangars, warehouses, garages, galleries, Church properties and much more. The facilities are well divided into different genres and styles, classic, modern, industrial, etc, able to meet all kinds of needs. Those are located both in Milan and Hinterland, as well as in the whole Country. In particular, the catalog of the "Milanese" locations includes facilities located both in downtown areas as well into more decentralized areas. The photo gallery shows some of the available locations.
The location owned by a any people, public or private companies can be granted to Nonsololoft to be devoted as events locations. Doing that is very easy: it's just a matter to contact our Staff or provide data onto "SPACE REPORT" section. One of us will carry out an inspection to assess the possible target of the proposed space, identifying the most suitable uses. Generally private homes lend themselves to the shootings or to make commercials, while non-residential properties can adapt to events in general and short term lease as a temporary showroom. Each space is unique and therefore, the only way to know the possible exploitation is to be in direct relationship with Nonsololoft. Many properties are currently unused and waiting to be sold or to be leased or disused may be intended for events. All administrative, legal and technical licenses aspects needed beign followed directly by Nonsololoft. All the locations owners have with us a consolidate, professional, cooperation. Nonless a win-win satisfaction.
Nonsololoft also follows the next steps with defining the right location, making its experience available to the Client and his needs. It manages the event plan, identifying the appropriate professionals to the goal and moving on the relationship through the companies needed for a successful event. The consolidated know-how helped by the professional contacts allow a distensive work flow in planning any event. A real chance to get a complete and tailored service on. Even the legal aspects are treated in detail, ensuring that contracts, permits and licenses are fully in compliance with the actual Laws.
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